Escape Rooms

Test your limits and challenge your mind with our selection of escape rooms. A great choice for team building, friendly competition, or family bonding, our three themed rooms offer different levels of difficulty and time limits for whatever works best for your group.

Will you choose to rob a gold mine, escape a killer, or explore mysterious dark magic?


While researching the abandoned mining town of Coalcot, West Virginia, you stumbled across an old journal entry from a miner in the 1890s. The miner implied that there might be a hidden stash of gold from John D. Rockefeller’s fortune still down in the Coalcot mines. You’ve gathered a group of intrigued friends to go with you, but there’s only room for four in that creaky old elevator, and you only have 20 minutes. Will you take on the risks for a chance at this immense reward?

The Sorcerer’s Study

The Queen’s amulet has gone missing, and her royal majesty suspects her royal sorcerer, the crafty Vesputin, to be guilty of this treason. She entrusts only you and five of her other most clever scribes to sneak into his study, and outsmart the various spells and incantations guarding the room’s secrets. You have only an hour before he returns to recover the amulet. Do you have what it takes to save the kingdom?

Room 113

You and your friends are road tripping across Route 66 on what was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime, but it’s quickly turning into what could be your final vacation. After being forced to stop at a seemingly deserted gas station, the last thing you and your friends can remember before waking up in room 113 is a scream and being hit in the back of the head. Now, you have only an hour before whoever has kidnapped you returns, and we promise, you don’t want to meet them. Will you make it out alive?

Minimum age of 14 (guardian required).